Train Safety Equipment 

With an enviable history in the rail industry and a reputation for innovative problem solving, Arrowvale is a leading supplier of rail safety equipment, products and services: bespoke and custom designed.

Design and product solutions provided thus far include On Train Monitoring Recorder (OTMR), Drivers Safety Device ( vigilance unit) (DSD), Drivers Interface Unit (DIU), Software Development, Programming and Upgrades, National Radio Network (NRN) (Radios, speakers, antennas, power supplies (PSU), Global Positioning Systems GPS, Memory Cards, Interface Cables, Speed Indicators, Track-Side Equipment, Solid State Lighting and De-Icing Equipment. 

Remote Download System Now Available Download vehicle data direct from the OTMR to your PC using wireless broadband communications. read more


RAIB Rail Accident Investigation Branch Report “The OTMRs in both cabs were downloaded to provide an understanding of the driver commands and train responses leading up to the collision. The duplicated records provided evidence of the correct functioning of each recorder.” read more  

Arrowvale Electronics Multi-million Pound Contract Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited ("Porterbrook"), has completed the fitting of 1000 Arrowvale Electonics On Train Data Recorders (OTMR) to its operational fleet. read more